"I'm a proud alumnus of CASH (Class of '94) and both of my parents were school teachers in the CASD--my father at the high school and my mother in the elementary and middle schools. I wasn't the best/worst student academically and I occasionally found myself in the midst of some conflict between myself and other students and the occasional teacher despite my best efforts. HOWEVER, through it all, I never felt my wellbeing was in any real danger. I try to look back to my public school education with an objective view and feel it was substantially more positive than it was negative. I'm thankful for that. It saddens me to hear that things have degraded to such a degree in recent years, but it's not completely unexpected. Teachers have been traditionally undervalued, undersupported, and disrespected by the Coatesville school administrators and the community in large. Only recently has the pandemic corruption of the district administrator's office been brought to light. I ask you, how can teachers and students be expected to hold themselves to a higher moral standard and feel as thought they're being treated fairly when the superintendent and athletic director routinely exchange profane and racially hateful communications with one another? Just one example. In any case, real change begins at the top and the district's feeble attempts at curbing nepotism, racism, classism, and violence are now being felt throught the community. It's sick and it needs to change immediately. Coatesville is a fine city with proud people whom have been kept down far too long by the powers that be. Real leadership is desperately needed immediately."

Brian Lesyk